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We offer individual care to women before, during and after pregnancy to ensure all their needs are met. We provide specialized services for comprehensive management of health problems for women of all ages.

Our team of experienced physicians and consultants take a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to pregnancy management, overseeing maternity care throughout pregnancy, and are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide reassurance.

Women having babies at our Mother and Child centres are afforded the highest standard of medical care. Each expectant mother is under the care of a physician, supported by a team of experienced midwives who provide one on one care throughout labour. For any patient needing more intensive observation, treatment and care before, during or after delivery, there is a high dependency unit situated within the labour ward.

We also provide treatment and care of infants born prematurely and underweight. Our doctors and medical nurses have significant experience in solving the most complex problems of our little patients.

In those special days after your baby is born, there is help with breast feeding, positioning, bathing and changing from our team of midwives and breast-feeding nurses.

At our Mother and Child centres, our aim is for healthy mums to give birth to healthy babies!

The services included in our maternity care are;

•    Pre-natal care
•    Labour, Delivery, and Recovery
•    New born Care
•    Post-partum Care
•    24 hours’ emergency
•    Regular check-ups and screenings

Clinic Hours:

Monday to Saturday from 10:00am
Sunday from 10:00am
To book an appointment call: 0733600495, 0737600495
or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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P.O. Box 33071-00600 Nairobi.

Phone: 0202392515

Mobile: 0709157000


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