Quality Policy: To provide and deliver quality and affordable health care services that is defined by internationally acceptable guidelines.

Quality Journey
We have a quality policy in place. We understand that our clients require more than compassion, professionalism and a good environment. They trust that the services rendered by the hospital meet the quality mark.
We are ISO certified.

Accreditation: We are accredited by the National Hospital Insurance Fund and at the moment we are operating the NHIF Civil Servants Scheme.

Our Location

Guru Nanak R.S Hospital is midsized hospital located right at the junction of Park Road and Muranga Road (superhighway) in Ngara.


We offer quality affordable healthcare to our clientele every day 24/7 providing fundamental medical care and cutting-edge medicine.


We offer employment opportunities to more than 200 professional and other people. This number will be growing with our planned expansion.


Over the years we have been known for our wholesome care for our patients which emphasizes on the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the patients. It is our strong believe that co-operative human activity and wholesome human relationship based on effective lines of communication results in loyal, committed and satisfied personnel and consequent attainment of our goals.

Our philosophy as a hospital is to provide the highest quality services attainable in patient’s management.



INTEGRITY -We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.
CARING - We treat and serve those who approach us with concern, kindness and respect.
INNOVATION - We strongly believe in new ideas of ever changing medical care and timely access to information which will lead to par excellence in healthcare and management.
COLLABORATION - We work together as a team, cooperatively, recognizing that our combined efforts can exceed what we can accomplish individually.
COMMITMENT -We are honoured and dedicated to provide excellence in every aspect of work we do.
COMMUNITY - We recognize and respect the importance of clients' healthcare needs and maintain confidentiality.

Quick Contacts

P.O. Box 33071-00600 Nairobi.

Phone: 0722-203884

Mobile: 0709-157000


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